Welcome to Oxygen

The top free exploit


Why use Oxygen U?

It's fast

Fast execution, attach times and loading times.

It's free

It's the cheapest thing you could find, free.

Frequent updates

Oxygen is updated after a patch every update. Oxygen also is recieving new features frequently.

Feature rich

Oxygen has a feature rich custom environment.

It's beautiful

Oxygen's UI is good looking, it has multiple features, is easy to use and understand

Terms of Service

• Key System: Our key-system uses your HWID commonly known as hardware ID to identify you from other users, so a key can be made for each user. It also uses your IP address which stands for Internet Protocol which is a unique address that identifies people using the web/Internet which is also being used to identify your key for the key system.

• Dll: Our dll uses your HWID and sends them to our key system which they are temporarily hold there until your key expires.

You can download Oxygen by pressing the download button at the top of the navbar. By pressing 'Download', you agree to Oxygen U's terms of service.